We make records.

Head Gap is a Melbourne recording studio operated by music producer and audio engineer Neil Thomason.   Services we offer include recording, mixing, mastering and production.

The studio caters to bands and solo artists looking to record and mix their music in an inspired and relaxed atmosphere. Head Gap has been designed to enhance the experience of writing and recording music, providing the essential tools and services to assist in the process of making an outstanding record.

The studio caters to a wide variety of musical styles, and has been privileged to host sessions for artists as diverse as the Dirty Three, Paul Kelly, Courtney Barnett, Beaches, Adalita, My Disco, Augie March, The Twerps, Magic Dirt, Pikelet, Violent Soho, Wagons, Regurgitator and Jen Cloher. You can view a full client list here.

To find out more about Head Gap and chat about what you would like to do, please call the studio on 03 9480 6280 or email bookings @ headgap.com.au

Feature Album:  Dear Plastic - The Thieves are Babes

Melbourne five piece Dear Plastic have been bubbling away like a pot of your Grandma's best borscht, patiently blending and fermenting over the last two or three years, a single here, an EP there.  

They finally unleashed this beast of an album in 2014 and have been working their behind's off letting people know about it ever since. 

Have look at the second single Buck Up & Pay the Reaper , a song and clip that embodies the unique musical landscape this band thrive in.  For lovers of grooves, sweet vocal hooks, and bit of the old trippity-hoppity.  

Recorded, mixed and co-produced with Neil Thomason.

Full deets @ dearplasticmusic.com 

About the studio

Housed in a 400 sqr metre industrial warehouse, Head Gap is purpose built for audio production. Incorporating the studio, lounge, kitchen, outdoor bar-b-que space and technical repairs workshop, all areas of Head Gap have been carefully designed to incorporate natural light, creating an open and creative atmosphere.

The studio layout provides a space that allows a band to set up and play live, as you might at a gig or rehearsal. Instruments like drums, bass, guitars and keyboards can all be recorded at the same time, with or without isolation, if that's the way you like to work.  This allows for efficient use of time, and the ability to capture the music with the greatest degree of spontaneity and feel.

Use of the studio includes everything on our equipment list, including our analogue multi-track tape machine.  Also included is our selection of musical instruments including drums, guitars and amps. 

The expansive lounge and kitchen area provides you with a space away from the studio to eat and relax.  An electric cook top and cooking utensils, as well as a microwave, fridge, and coffee machine allows you to prepare food and drinks when and how you like. There is also a paved outdoor area with a gas bbq for those summer evening sessions, please make use of it!

Studio design and acoustic treatment at Head Gap is by revered Sydney acoustician the late Richard Priddle.

Head Gap Studio

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