As rates vary depending on personnel requirements and project parameters, we ask that you get in touch with us for an accurate quote. We welcome any enquiries via email or a phone call.  We'll also gladly answer any questions you have about equipment or recording techniques, and explain some of the different ways you can approach making your record, including preparation for your session, and how to make the most of your time in the studio.   

When we are running recording sessions, phone enquiries will often divert to voicemail, but don't be shy.  Please leave a message and we will respond to you promptly.  Think of it as your first recording at Head Gap!

You can reach us at +613 9480 6280 or email us at bookings @ headgap.com.au

Types of Bookings

Generally we book by the day.  A daily booking constitutes a 10 hour block, usually running from 10am through to 8pm.

Schedule permitting, we also offer half-day sessions, and hourly sessions with a three hour minimum. 

While most sessions at Head Gap take place with either Finn Keane or Rohan Sforcina as engineer or producer, if you would like to work here with a third-party engineer we will always do our best to facilitate that.  

What you get

All the gear listed on the equipment page comes included regardless of the rate, and accurately reflects everything that is currently available for use. Studio rates also include full use of musical gear like amps, guitars, effect pedals, snares and keyboards.

A full kitchen is provided, as is as much fresh coffee and tea as you can drink. The lounge area includes TV with DVD and plenty of space to escape the session if you want to. We also provide an outdoor area at the rear of the building with BBQ facilities.

Media Costs

If you decide to record to analogue tape, you'll need to either hire or buy a reel (or multiple reels) of 2 inch analogue tape.  Nearly all of our analogue sessions take place using hire reels provided by Head Gap.  Once a project is finished on hire reels, we can transfer it to digital for mixing or archival purposes.

 Costs are as follows:

Hire - $66 per reel.
Buy - RMGI SM900 approx. $400 per reel. ATR Magnetics aprox. $450 per reel.

A reel will give you approximately 32 minutes of recording time at 15 ips (inches-per-second), half that at 30 ips.  Recording at 30 ips will equate to less tape hiss and a marginally flatter frequency response when compared with 15 ips.  Different speeds are considered beneficial to different types of music.  If you are unsure, please ask our advice on the optimum speed for your project.

CD's and DVD's:

$2.50 per unit. You are welcome to bring your own.

Audio and data retention policy

At the completion of your project, any digital data created as part of your session will be stored for a period of 28 days as a courtesy.

If you are recording to tape at Head Gap and mixing elsewhere, audio recorded on hire reels will be retained by Head Gap up to a maximum of 7 days.

If you require a complete copy of the session and audio data at the completion of a mix session, then you'll need to supply a suitable external hard drive formatted for Mac, or a suitably-sized USB stick eg 32 - 64GB.

Payment terms 

You will need to pay for your booking at the conclusion of the session.

We accept cash and on-the-spot internet bank transfer. We can also send you a payment request via PayPal if you need to use a credit card (PayPal fees apply).

Deposits are not normally required, although in certain circumstances we may request a deposit in order to secure a booking. We will let you know if we need a deposit.


For studio queries and booking requests, phone us on +613 9480 6280
or email .