Producers & engineers

Finn Keane

Since beginning work as a sound engineer in 1996, Finn has built a career in live sound, recording, mixing and from 2009, also mastering.  Following eleven years almost non-stop studio work, Finn spent two and a half years as a technician at Melbourne Recitial Centre, working with a diverse range of sounds before finding a new home at Head Gap in 2015.  

Finn enjoys working either as producer, where he sees his role as a collaborator, working with an artist to find a unique sound that fits the song or album, or as an engineer, focusing on the sonic or technical aspects of the recording while artists take complete control of the arrangements and performance.  Often, it is somewhere in between those two roles.

In his extensive career as an engineer, Finn has been honoured to work with an amazing list of Australian and international artists such as Sub Audible Hum, Midnight Juggernaughts, Wilco, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Franz Ferdinand, Oasis, Wellyn, Jet and many more.

As a musican, Finn's taste lies  towards the noisey and experimental, but has been known to include alt-country, shoe-gaze and post-rock, playing on recordings with Peter Ewing, Two Thousand Mavericks, Brutals, Das Music Man, Wellyn, Sub Audible Hum, Teen Archer, Gareth Skinner and Penny Ikinger.

Finn's passion for music and recording is obvious in the attention, energy and dedication he brings to each session.  "I love the diversity and new challenges of working with a range  of musicans that continually inspire me to find new approaches to creating sounds".

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Neil Thomason

Neil has been recording bands since 1997 and has had the privilege of working with artists as varied as Goldclass, Two Steps on the Water, My Disco, Augie March, Dan Kelly's Dream Band, Primitive Calculators, Jen Cloher, Underground Lovers, Wagons and The Crayon Fields.  

Neil sees his role in recording a band as "being kind of a conduit between the band and the finished record.  If a band asks me to be involved in making a record with them, the first thing I ask is 'What kind of record do you want to make?'  I see my job as one that involves ascertaining in as much detail as I can what it is the band wants to achieve with their recording, and then advising the best way I know about how the band can do that."

Neil is equally at home working creatively with a band as a producer, or in a purely technical role as engineer, or a combination of both.

Click here to view a complete list of Neil's recording credits, or check the Listen page to hear Neil's work. 

Prior to recording bands, Neil spent most of the 90's playing guitar and singing with Melbourne band Ricaine, who toured and recorded extensively throughout Australia and the US.  

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Rohan Sforcina 

Rohan graduated from Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Music Performance (improvisation) in 2005 and since then has been active as both a musician and engineer. He spent many years as a member of Melbourne
band Oh Mercy, touring locally and internationally while developing his career in production and engineering, with credits including Dr. Doctor, Likedeelers and The Lawnton Bowles Cub. 

During 2013/14 Rohan worked in the US at Cloud City Sound in Portland, Oregon, gaining further engineering credits with bands such as Pallbearer, Agalloch and many more.

Rohan is also currently busy as a musician playing in bands such as Dr. Doctor and with James Kenyon and Tobias Hengefeld.

Email: rohan.sforcina @


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