The songs featured here were recorded and mixed at Head Gap by Neil Thomason

All songs used with the artist's permission.

Dear Plastic - Buck Up and Pay the Reaper
Recorded, mixed & co-produced by Neil Thomason

Princess One Point Five - I'm Not Ready
Recorded and mixed by Neil Thomason

Claws & Organs - Bite My Lip

Recorded and mixed by Neil Thomason

Newbirds - Keep Your Light On

Recorded and mixed by Neil Thomason

Heirs - Mockery
Recorded and mixed by Neil Thomason

Dad They Broke Me - Respiratory Collapse

Recorded and mixed by Neil Thomason

Aura - Light

Recorded, mixed & co-produced by Neil Thomason & Simon Cotter

Cuba is Japan - Pigafetta's Dream

Recorded and mixed by Neil Thomason

Bands and artists that have recorded at Head Gap (in roughly chronological order) include folk like My Disco, ninetynine, Flesh vs Venom, Even, The Crayon Fields, The Original Snakeskins, Bone Sherriff, Love of Diagrams, Baseball, Joe Var Veri, Grey Daturas, Dad They Broke Me, Bachelor of Arts, Magic Dirt, Summer Cats, Tonchi McIntosh, The Temper Trap, Grand Salvo, Pikelet, The Tigers, Magic Sally, Hey Lady Two Leopard, Guy Blackman, Batrider, Naked on the Vague, Danny Flynn, Meester, Screenings, Crux, The Time of the Assassins, Japanther (US), Sons of the Sun, The Slits (UK), NOR.WAY, Amaya Laucirica, Stu Thomas Paradox, Further, Violent Soho, The Red Cherries, Byrna, Red Light Union, Winterun, 731, Sista She, Reptiles, Tic Toc Tokyo, Capgras Family, Maximum Awesome, Small Town Fiasco, Infusion, New Estate, Double Agents, Mecca, TV for Cats, Monsterosa, Jonathann Shaw, Bunny, Tarcutta, The Knives of Neptune, St Helens, My Left Boot, Stu Cullen, Ahkmed, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, When Chimps Attack, Purple Stripes, MCV, Adam Harding & Friends, Khancoban, Flaunt, Spartacus League, Mark Cauvin, The Black Hundred, Legends of Motorsport, Richard McDonald, Deep Where All Drown, Sandoz, The Breaks, Sir, Sons of the Ionian Sea, Houlette, Don Fernando, The Rise & Demise, Telepathy Thieves, Famous Crimes, Rick Mahoney, Monsters Nil, Wicked City, Lee Memorial, Blark Bayer vs Absoluten Calfeutrail, The Knives of Neptune, Musclecar, Alaska Ratio, Fearless Vampire Killers, Days Worth Fighting, Ohana, Beaches, Panel of Judges, Lindsay Phillips, Mike Beach, The Gems, Whitesploitation, Ned Collette Band, Murray Goodchild, Fire! Fire!, Sister Ray, Braemar, Thomas Madden, Jake Savona, Laneway, Jurez, SFHB, Kes Band, Craig Jackson, Electric Jellyfish, Our Anatomy, Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour, Matt Bailey, Neon, Fangs Of..., Ouch My Face, Young and Restless, Oblako Lodka, Gaslight Radio, Nick Freer, Kids with Guns for Hands, Darren Hanlon, Mastiff, Plug in City, Michael Blair, Matt Sonic, Divorcee, Black Widow,OOOAAArdvark, Midnight Juggernaughts, Digani Gaciga, Son Hawk, The Mourning Sons, Wagons, Blood Red Sun, Princess One Point Five, Heirs, Sol Nation, Jane Dust, Andrew MacDonald, Porkus Vs Equius, These Hands Will Seperate the Sky, The Moons, Danny Flynn, Truth From Facts, Monkeymarc, I love UFO (France), Gostele Radio, Nigel King, Spidervomit, Vampillia (Japan), The Boo Hoo Hoo's, The Get Go, Cuba is Japan, Cavanagh and Argus, The Moor, Adalita, Athol, Slight of Build, Bombazine Black, Gold Tango, Richard Andrew, 16 millimetre, Dan Waters, Piggy, The Pirates, Roadkill Rodeo, Desert Wanderers, Store Bought Cool, Corporation Clink, Wunderlust, Absolute Boys, Kes Trio, Bone, Useless Children, Lee Morgan, Rock City Riff Raff, David Gagliardi, Pete McCracken, Death Valley Band, Amplifier Machine, Geoff O'Connor, Dirty Three, Kieren Lee, Caroline Kennedy-McCracken, Bohemian Nights, Black Cab, Fever Artiste, The Fallen Gentry, Kim Deal (US), Laura Jean, Blues Mountain, Darren McCrann, Underground Lovers, Kasha, A Brokers Night Sleep, Dead City Ruins, Into The Woods, Laura, Kira Peru, Mark McCrystal, Vyenna, Dan Brodie, Regurgitator, Slow Human Escape, A Dead Forest Index , 14 Nights at Sea, Natasha Anderson, Gatherer, These Patterns, Vincent, Jen Cloher & the Endless Sea, Damn Terran, Wrong Town, Gammatron, G in the Air, Oren Ambarchi & Stephen O'Malley (AUS/US), Edison, Tall Buildings, The No Real Need, RickOshay, 2 Cent Sideshow, The Twerps, Christopher Hale, In Tongues, Gian Slater, Dead Boomers, Dead, Loveproof, Kromosom, The Thing (Sweden/Norway), Divorced, Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox, On Sierra, Tear Gas,  Aleks & the Ramps, Leena, Monarch (France), Witch Hats, Jenny Barnes trio, Jonesez, The Remotes, The Mighty Buzzniks, Goodnight Owl, Siobhan Krelle, The Coves, Sexy Party, Emma Russack, Another Rotting Corpse, Lashes to Lashes, The Paradise Motel,  The Tearaways, Rat vs Possum, Les Thomas, Gian Slater & Invenio, Iowa, Vague Cuts, Have/Hold, All the Colours, Montresor, Playwrite, City Walls Autumn Falls, Alkan Zeybek & the Lesser Men, Primitive Language, Jon Delaney, No Zu, Peon, All India Radio, Citizen Sex, Elliot Folvig, The Ronson Hangup, Judith Hamann, The Black, Buried Feather, Pearls, Lakes, Shade of March, North East Party House, Tren Brothers & Bonnie Prince Billy (AUS/US), Alex Watts, Nathan Kearney, Signet Mae, The Ancients, A Dead Forest Index, Snakadaktal, Vodnik, The Perfections, Old Violet, River of Snakes, A Man Called Son, Them Bruins, The Glorybox, Cut, Eugene Ughetti & Matthias Schack-Arnott, Origami, Tully on Tully, Paul Kelly and band, Montero, The Battery Kids, Hugh Stuckey Trio, Yana Alana & the Pirahnas, Courtney Barnett and band, The Peep Temple, Ivy Street, Augie March, Bob Evans, Primitive Calculators, Giants Under The Sun, Fruit Jar, Deap Plastic, Mustered Courage, Gersey, The Honey Pies, Book of Ships, Daniel Champagn, Big Yawn , Eva Popov, Trjaeu, System of Venus, Westall 66, Luke Legs & the Midnight Specials, A Gender, The Cornershop Kids, Thrall, Sans Gras, Strine Singers, Brooke Russell & the Mean Reds, Shadowgame, Flight for Giants, The Pension, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Wiley Red Fox, Seasons Ghost, The Twoks, Smokey Seas, Boy Red, Floyd Thursby, Rasta Unity, Monte Band, Alistair Carr, The Infants, Epithets, Party Vibez, Western Stars, Jim Kane, Sleepy Dreamers, Dark Fair, The Ramshackle Army, Jarred Evans, Water Music, Lucid Sun, TTTDC, Richard Jeffrey, Pronto, Zoe Ryan and the Dandy Lion, O'Littleblood, Brighter Later, Mikelangelo, Stoneage Hearts, Aura, Idylls, Claws & Organs, Reprobettes, Green Stone Garden, Leez Lido, White Summer, Sophia Brous, Dan Kelly's Dream Band, Nelson Walkon, Arrester, The Meanies, High Tea, James Parry, Cranes Against Clouds, Pony Face, Michael Plater & the Exit Keys, Rosalind Hall & Jim Denley, Harlots, The Dead Elected, Tangrams, The Villenettes, Palm Springs, Goodbye Enemy Airship, Bodies, Hayley Couper, Gold Class, The Escapegoats, City Calm Down, Jack Mitchell, Thorax, Adrian Whitehead, Union, Brooklyn's Finest, Heart Beach, Worm Crown, The Marlenes, Xyloris White, Lorikeet Band, Summer Flake, Big Scary, Greenthief, Chris Clark, Wedding Knives, Hopkins, Nathaniel Braddock, Martin Mackerras, Arthur Penn & the Funky Ten, Double Chin, Jeremy Hanley, Burning Roaches, Little Ugly Girls, Residual, Kodiak Galaxy, Slow Galo, Plyers, James McLean, Ben Carr Trio, Romeo Moon, Knifetricks, Half/Cut, Page Gallimore, Bloodhounds, Self Defense Family (US), Tooth & Tusk,Water Music.

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